Capture the Heart of your Family's

Welcome to the Holiday Traditions Series

The holidays are more than a date on the calendar — they're the warmth of shared stories, the aroma of cookies baking, the laughter that echoes through the halls. The Holiday Traditions sessions are designed to capture the essence of what makes your family's celebration unique.

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Your Session Awaits

Step into a photography experience that honours your family's cherished rituals. Here's what the Holiday Traditions Series offers you:

  • Intimate 45-minute session in your own home: Focused, personal time with your loved ones, doing what you love most.
  • Framed Print Keepsake: A beautiful, tangible memory to adorn your home and pass down through generations.
  • Full Online Gallery: Relive every giggle and secret Santa whisper with a collection of images from your session.

Your investment is $550.00

The Process



Reach out via the button below. Let's chat about what makes your family's holiday traditions special.



Choose a slot that fits into your festive preparations. Remember, only a limited number of sessions are available!


The Magic

We'll spend 45 minutes together, creating and capturing memories in a relaxed, joyful setting.


Reliving the Joy

Within two weeks of your session date, you'll receive your full online gallery and framed print, the perfect holiday centerpiece.

Why Is This Important?

This is an investment in the fabric of your family's story. It's about more than capturing smiles; it's about preserving the legacy of love and joy that defines your family during the holidays. As the season whirls around you, this is your invitation to pause and truly be with each other, to celebrate the togetherness that we often take for granted. And when the decorations are packed away, and the festive lights dim, the moments we've captured together will serve as a lasting reminder of the joy that filled your home, keeping the spirit of the season alive all year round.