When you've moved around as much as I have - 30 times and counting - you develop a certain fascination with light, space, and the stories they hold. But as an extroverted-introvert, it's been a journey of self-discovery. This is the story of Acrewood, my story, and how I've learned to navigate comfort zones to capture the magic of family life in photos.

The Beginning

I've always been captivated by the magic of light: the way it falls on a stranger's face, how it dances on the wall during the early evening. This fascination with light, and the emotion it can evoke, is what originally drew me to photography. Yet, it wasn't until I had kids of my own, and witnessed their ever-changing world, that my lens turned towards families.

Overcoming Obstacles

As an extroverted-introvert, you could say I have an intimate relationship with the notion of a comfort zone. I adore meeting new families, connecting with them, and capturing their unique stories. Yet, I crave that quiet time to recharge, to reflect. It's a balance, a dance of sorts, and one that's taught me so much about understanding and navigating comfort zones.

The Power of Storytelling

Photography is so much more than 'taking photos.' It's about encapsulating those fleeting moments, those everyday occurrences that tell your unique family story. When I step into your home, run across the beach with your kiddos, or capture the soft glow of a lazy afternoon, I'm capturing you, your family, your memories. Each family, each session, is a new story waiting to unfold.

Beyond the Comfort Zone

I've moved more times than I can count on both hands and feet combined. With each new place, new space, comes a shift in light, a shift in perspective. Yet, what remains constant is the magic that unfolds when we step outside our comfort zones. That's where the real, the raw, the beautiful happens. And that's what I aim to capture with Acrewood.

In every photo session, in every interaction, my goal is to make you feel comfortable, seen, and celebrated. Together, we venture just outside that comfort zone, capturing the magic of your everyday life, the beauty in the mundane. Let's capture your story, one click at a time.