My Relationship with Myself

Growing up, I struggled deeply with my self-image. I didn’t just dislike how I looked; I loathed it. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, and I assumed others saw me the same way. This discomfort spiraled into depression, leading me to exert control over the one thing I felt I could: my diet. During social gatherings or family events, I was always the one volunteering to take photos. It was simpler, safer, to stay behind the lens than to see myself within the frame.

What Changed For Me

But here’s what changed everything for me: becoming a mom. Suddenly, I was on the other side, constantly capturing moments of my husband with our kids. It hit me one day—when my children look back on these photos, they shouldn't have to wonder where I was. I don't want them to feel my absence. I want them to see me there, with them, as a part of every cherished memory.

I know it’s hard. Standing in front of a camera can feel daunting, exposing even. Every time I do it, those old fears surface. But then I think about my children, about the future. I think about them looking back through old photos, searching for the face of their mama. And I know that I need to be there, not just for them but for me as well. Being in these photos is my way of saying, "I was here, I am here, and I'm worthy of being a part of the story."

I Get It... I REALLY Do

It's one thing to tell someone, "get your photo taken," and entirely another to actually step in front of the camera. The truth is, for many of us, the thought alone stirs up endless amounts of anxiety. But here’s the thing—it's not really about the photos. It’s about our relationship with ourselves and our willingness to be seen, truly seen. It’s easy to dismiss photographs as mere pieces of paper or digital moments. But for those in our lives who look back on these images years from now, they're a gateway to the past, a way to reconnect with memories that might otherwise fade away. They remind us of the love we shared, the life we lived, and the impact we had on those around us.

I understand the hesitation. I REALLY DO. It's simpler to continue as we are, to remain out of view, behind the camera where we feel safe. But at what cost? As I’ve grown and navigated the complexities of self-image and motherhood, I’ve come to realize the true price of staying hidden: missing from our own stories.

Be Seen

So, give yourself permission to be seen. Not just in grand gestures or during special occasions but in the daily grind, in the chaos of family life, in the quiet moments you think might not matter. They do. You do. And decades down the road, when you or your loved ones look back, you’ll all be grateful for the presence, captured forever in a snapshot, of you being right there in the heart of it all.

It's time to step out from behind the camera. Join your family in front of it. These are your moments too. Be seen in them. Be remembered with them. Because you are an essential part of this beautiful story you are all creating together.