In the rhythm of everyday life, especially as a photographer and a mom, I’ve found a profound connection in preserving fleeting moments. It's about watching my kiddos grow and change, but it’s also about something even more personal - a memory that lives on my desk, captured in a simple printed photograph.

This photo is of my grandmother holding my oldest when he was just six weeks old. It was taken with a disposable camera, and in the realm of photography, it definitely wouldn’t be considered a masterpiece. But to me, it’s priceless. It’s the first and one of the last times my grandmother truly connected with her great-grandchild, the first in our family. This image, now printed and placed where I can see it everyday, is a constant reminder of the layers of love and legacy in our family.

The Importance of Printed Photographs

That’s why I’m SO excited to share something deeply close to my heart - a range of printed products, designed to preserve these precious memories, and done so in a way that feels natural and authentic in your home. What's the charm of each printed product?

  • Polaroids: These little snapshots of nostalgia are like tiny time capsules. I adore how they can be casually displayed, offering glimpses into those spontaneous moments of life. They’re perfect for sticking on the fridge or pinning up in your workspace, bringing a smile every time you pass by.

  • Premium Layflat Albums: These albums are crafted to be a legacy, weaving the story of your life in a manner that's both graceful and enduring. Watching my children flip through these albums, seeing their expressions change as they relive each moment, is priceless. These albums are more than just books; they're storied collections of our life, elegant and full of warmth. They're perfect for your coffee table, inviting anyone who visits to experience your journey.

  • Archival Prints: With each passing year, I realize more and more the value of having our memories preserved in a timeless manner. These prints are like individual pieces of art, capturing not just an image but the emotion within. They can adorn your walls or rest on your shelves, adding a personal touch to every corner.

Why This Really Matters

For me, printing photographs is not just about keeping a record; it's about holding onto the rapidly changing chapters of our lives. It's watching my kids' early days, my grandmother’s love for her great-grandchild, the ordinary moments that now seem so extraordinary, and realizing how swiftly time passes. These printed pieces are my way of keeping a part of my children's childhood tangible, and a daily reminder of where we come from and the love that binds us.

Incorporating Them Into Your Home

I believe in creating a home that tells a story - your story. Whether it's a series of polaroids creating a collage of memories, a layflat album opened to a page that makes you pause every time, or an archival print that draws a gaze and starts a conversation, these pieces should feel like they belong. They’re not just decorations; they're snippets of our life, placed in spaces where we can appreciate them every day. They don't overpower the room but rather add layers of stories and warmth.

These aren’t just printed products; they're the physical embodiment of the moments you cherish. They’re the stories you’ll tell and retell, the legacy you’ll pass down, the memories that will live on long after the moment has passed.