What to Wear

If you have invested in a lifestyle or newborn photography session for your family, you are very likely already in planning mode! Apart from capturing your unique family connection (my job), one of the most important aspects is wardrobe. Your wardrobe should be comfortable and reflect who you are. I typically recommend neutral colours, and coordinating outfits, rather than matching. Below are some guidelines to keep in mind when going through your closet and choosing outfits for your session.

neutral colours against a silk backdrop
pops of colour against a silk backdrop

Colour (or rather Tone)

What do clothes have to do with your family photoshoot? Everything! A well-curated wardrobe can emit a certain feeling, just as quickly as it can take it away. For that reason, I always recommend neutrals and earthy tones, as they create a more timeless look. I also recommend avoiding bright colours, tones, and graphics that you wouldn't otherwise find in nature. Why? The focus should be on you, your family, and your connection, not your outfit. Some examples? Instead of a bright green, choose forest green; instead of red, a deep burgundy; instead of yellow, a mustard yellow.

close up photo of linen
close up photo of silk in a copper tone
close up photo of white sherpa fleece


Texture, like pops of colour, can add another layer to the feel of your lifestyle session. Keep in mind, however, the stiffer the material, the less likely you will be able to move around, and the less comfortable you will feel. The worst feeling is wearing an outfit only to end up fidgeting with it during your entire session (I've been there)! Everyone should feel comfortable, and everyone should feel like themselves. Added bonus? Anything that can show movement or catch the wind (it's magical when it happens).

Because we live in Canada, and are only blessed with 4-5 months of glorious warm or autumn-like weather, we should also consider the colder months. Opt for insulating fabric like flannel, wool, any types of knit, sherpa fleece (the list goes on and on). Not only will you be warm, but the textures from these different types of materials will give your family photos a cozy feel.

Coordinate, Don't Match

Gone are the days of the entire family wearing jeans and matching t-shirts. You want to be sure you have diversity in colours as well as textures. Everyone in your family is unique, and that should be represented in the clothing they wear.

Choose colours that will be complimenting of each other and textures that will enhance the feel you're going for. For example, pairing a knit with boyfriend jeans if you're looking for a cozier vibe, or a light, cotton or linen dress to evoke a whimsical feeling.

And for those of us that are super keen (hand up over here), making a Pinterest board can help with inspiration, and can give you a feel for how colours and textures can come together.

close up photo of folded jeans


Last, but certainly not least, accessories. Accessories and props can help add more interest to an otherwise simple outfit. That being said, aim for tasteful, timeless pieces (you very likely already have some laying around your house). Things like hats, scarves, simple earrings, and rings are all great ways to add layers while also showcasing your personality. Additionally, accessories and props also allow us to create and capture slightly different looks (think wardrobe change without having to change everyone). I always recommend bringing all of your chosen accessories (for each member of the family) to your lifestyle session and we can pick and choose from there.

gold jewelry arranged on a table
woman wearing minimal gold jewelry
mustard yellow shoes, purse, scarf, and bracelets
a woman wearing a hat and ornate earrings

Have Fun With It!

Remember, these are just guidelines! You know what looks good on you and what makes you feel confident and comfortable! At the end of the day, comfort and confidence are top priority when it comes to creating beautiful photos. Still not sure what to wear? Email me! I would love to talk it through with you and better understand what kind of feeling you're after.

This blog post is written with lifestyle family, maternity, and newborn sessions in mind. For more in-depth advice, and styling guidelines, please don't hesitate to reach out!