I believe that choosing a photographer is a personal experience, so thank you for welcoming me into your family to capture this special time in your lives. This is my jam, my bread and butter, my absolute passion.

As the season wraps us in its crisp embrace, I'm thrilled to welcome you to a heartfelt experience that goes beyond the click of a shutter. The Holiday Traditions Sessions are a celebration of your family's unique festive spirit. Think of this as more than a photoshoot; it's a storytelling journey, one where your favourite holiday traditions become the stars.

Carving out time to document your family as they are now is one of the best things you can do. Life is busy, our days are busy, but whether we realize it or not, these kiddos continue to change SO quickly. I believe that it's important to have your story told and capture everyone's likeness as they are, right now.

As your photographer, I am here to support you in any way I can. This guide is my way of saying, “I’ve got you.” I’ve crafted it to answer your questions, calm your fears, and address your uncertainty.

What to Expect

Settle in for a cozy 45 minutes where it's just you, your loved ones, and the traditions that brighten your holidays.

From the second our session starts, it's about capturing the genuine essence of your family's festive joy. No rush, no stress—just the warmth of your togetherness, enveloped in the soft glow of the season.

After our session, you'll receive a gallery brimming with moments of laughter and connection, and from there, I'll choose a cherished snapshot to be lovingly framed, ready to bring holiday cheer to your home.

What to Wear

Look, I get it. Dressing yourself in the morning is tough enough when you don’t have to stand in front of a camera. Add having to dress a couple of kids and perhaps even your partner, and things can get a little complicated!

But the number one thing I want you to remember is that being comfortable is everything. It’s normal to want to shop for new fancy clothes to wear to a photoshoot. And that’s totally fine. But usually the best route is to go with something that’s tried and true.

I always suggest families wear neutral colours and coordinating outfits (not matching).

I recommend neutral colours and earthy tones because they create a more timeless look. We want these images to feel like the holidays, so colours such as gold, silver, bronze, forest green, and maroon are always great options.

Materials that are textured, sheer, or billowy are worth bringing along too. Fabrics that flow show up so beautifully in photographs because they capture snapshots of movement. Avoid starchy, stiff-seeming garments that get crumpled in weird spots and need frequent adjusting.

When selecting the right footwear, think about what’s appropriate for the activity you’re going to be doing. Maybe it even makes most sense to ditch the shoes altogether!

If you feel like getting a little glammed up, there’s absolutely no reason not to get your hair and makeup done. Just remember to keep it as natural as possible. Excessive makeup or fancy and intricate hairdos can oftentimes look out of place. The focus should be on you, your family, and your connection.

If you're a visual person like me, you might need some examples. Click here to read a post I wrote to help you select what you and your family should wear for your session. I am happy to consult directly on wardrobe if you are interested.

How to Prep

Being a mama to two kiddos under four, the biggest suggestion I can offer is to prep your child(ren) beforehand. Specifically, let them know what the session will look like, talk to them about the camera and what it does, and help them choose what activity you’ll be doing (e.g. baking cookies, decorating the tree, cozying up in front of the fire, etc.). Getting them involved, and allowing them to be a part of the planning can go a long way!

If anything can be a game changer, it’s snacks. There are lots of variables in family shoots that are beyond our control. When photographing kids, I’ve learned that every plan is contingent on their mood. But snacks are an almost entirely failsafe mood booster for little ones (and lots of adults I know, too!). Having a stash of goodies on hand to bust out right when the kids need that slice of motivation buys us a lot of precious time and cooperation!

If your kids want to include their favourite stuffed toy, let them! Authenticity is in the details.

As the session is taking place in your home, you'll also want to be sure to declutter any rooms we might be shooting in. Please don't go on a cleaning spree on my account, but simply tidy up items you wouldn't want in the photos (coffee cups, amazon boxes, dirty diapers... no judgement by the way - you should see my house).

Music can also be a GAME-CHANGER and can help get everyone out of their shell. If you don't already have one, I suggest creating a playlist that best represents your couple/family. You can even go full-out holiday-mode and play those festive tunes. Our shoot will go through an ebb-and-flow of emotions (calm, intimate, joyful), so your playlist should do the same.

Kids Will Be Kids!

If you walk away after reading this and only remember one thing, let it be this: have zero expectations. Embrace what comes – the energy, the dirty clothes, the laughter, whatever unfolds. Every shoot is unique, and runs at its own pace.

Try to remember that children are not usually fond of being told to pose or smile (which I wouldn't do anyways). It's best if we give them space and try to capture their natural selves. Please PLEASE don't worry if your child is running about and active. Most of the images you see of young kids throughout my work were captured while they were busy playing and exploring. To get the family shots, I usually direct the adults to simply "be" with their child(ren), and we go from there.

This session is all about YOU and capturing your life and your holiday tradition exactly how it is on the day of your shoot. We’re not here to mimic the shiny perfect families you see on your feed, we’re here to tell your unique story as it shows up on the day of the shoot – wrinkles, tears, joyous abandon, and all. Throw your checklist out the window and know that magic will naturally unfold. When it does, I’ll be there to capture it.

After the Session

I’ll send you some sneak peeks 72 hours after your session via Instagram or text (whichever you prefer), and the full gallery within 2 weeks via a private online gallery. From there, we will organize the best time for me to drop-off your framed print. From your gallery, you’ll also be able to create favourites lists, share online, or download your images.


Where will the sessions take place?

In your home! No need to brave the cold on my behalf.

What will be the style of the sessions?

My style of photography emphasizes candid moments and your unique family connection. I will emphasize intimate moments between you and your kiddos as well as movement through the use of prompts.

When will I get my photos?

Within 2 weeks of your session, you will receive a link to a private online gallery. Just in time for the Holidays! I will then reach out to coordinate a time to drop-off your framed print.

Do you provide the unedited photos?

No. Unedited (RAW) files are not available for viewing or purchasing.

What if I want my photos to take place outside?

If you're leaning towards having your tradition take place outdoors (e.g. cutting down a Christmas tree from your backyard), that’s amazing – I’m always up for discovering new places.

As we will only be together for a short while, keeping time in mind is key. We will likely only be able to capture one tradition; that being said, if there happens to be a snowball fight on the way to tree cutting, then look out!

What's your cancellation policy?

As we are only together for a short while and spots are in high demand, all sessions fees are non-refundable.

How do you choose the images to include in our gallery?

I look carefully at every image from your session and hand select the best images. I am looking for images that best represent your family connection, as well as me as an artist.

Can I edit my own images?

Images I deliver are in their final edited form and may NOT be edited in any way by anyone. The client agrees that the finished product I provide is the final copyrighted image.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this Guide! I imagine you’ll have a few questions bouncing around your head, so feel free to email or DM me.

These photographs and memories of your holiday traditions are going to be incredibly special. I can’t wait!